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Our Focus

Responsible Solutions for Town Issues

Our Focus:


Wastewater concerns

Old Lyme will work with the chartered beaches under an inter-municipal agreement (IMA) that equally bears the operation and maintenance expenses among affected property owners, without transferring sewer costs to other Old Lyme residents or expanding the WPCA beyond the current scope.


Effective Budget Development and Efficient Budget Execution

We will partner closely with the Board of Finance to control future budget increases by using a cost/benefit analysis to determine the value to all taxpayers. 


Police Services – Safety and Security over Disorder

We will take a sensible approach to evaluating Old Lyme policing options and will work in unity with our police officers, seasonal Rangers, and Resident Trooper on affordable improvements that will keep us safe across all neighborhoods throughout all the seasons, while meeting critical summer conditions. 

Transparent Town Processes

Our needs-based planning framework will integrate community experts into the planning process from day one to ensure that projects come in “at scope, on time, and under budget.  


Teamwork, Stewardship, Service – the Hallmark of Town Hall

We value our town staff and the many members of our boards, commissions, and committees that serve Old Lyme. We will work collaboratively with all, for the benefit of our community.


Cautious State Involvement

We will be cautious before accepting grant funding and other State initiatives that often look appealing, (“free money”), but may have unrealistic mandates, additional long-term budget commitments, regulations, and unanticipated consequences.